Frequently asked questions


How do I order a cake?

How long in advance do I have to make an enquiry/order?

I saw a design I like on Instagram but don't see it here. How do I enquire/order this cake?

Why do you only correspond via emails? Am I able to Whatsapp or call you?


Do your cakes have to be refrigerated? How long can they last without refrigeration?

What flavours do you offer? Can I pick different flavours for each tier?

Will the flavour of cake I choose affect the exterior/look of the cake?

How much are your cakes? Do you have a price list?

Do you only do the cakes in your gallery? Am I able to request for a new design?

How long can I keep my cake for after cake cutting?

How tall are your cakes?

Do you provide ice packs?

Do you provide cake stands? How about table decorations?

Do you provide knife and candles?

Collection/ Delivery

How do I collect my cake?

Am I able to collect the cake earlier/ later?

Do you do delivery?

I can't make it in time to receive my cake! What should I do?

Dessert Bars

Do you do smaller packages than what is stated?

Do you sell desserts a la carte?

Can I change my desserts to mini sized ones?