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Free islandwide flexi delivery with above $120 spend online.
Free islandwide flexi delivery with above $120 spend online.
Garden Animal Party Cake (Blue)

Advantages Of Customized Cakes You Never Knew

Customized cakes are one of the ways to make any celebration and event a memorable one. Most of the time, you have two types of cakes to choose from - a ready-made cake which is often a standard cake suitable for common events, and the other is the Customized Cake. Custom made cakes give you the opportunity to select a cake based upon your preference and taste. Today, we are going to be sharing a few advantages of customized cakes you never knew.

Garden Animal Party Cake (Blue)

Garden Animal Party Cake (Blue)

You Get To Choose The Cake

In general, there are many flavors of ready-made cakes available. These cakes are often suitable for generic events. But if you are looking for a cake with a unique theme, such as your child’s first birthday, or a Disney themed cake for your daughter’s birthday celebration, choosing a customized cake with various characters makes the event unforgettable. 

Custom Flavouring

One major advantage of choosing a customized cake is the immense amount of choice you get to personalize and adorn the cake. You can request multiple flavorings on the cake to suit your needs depending on the theme and the guests you are expecting or choose a custom flavor to make the cake even better.

Special Message

Cakes are the key element in any event and personalizing the cake makes the event feel even more special. With customized cakes, you can request a personalized message for  a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a corporate function. 


Another advantage of choosing a customized cake is its cost-effectiveness. Generally, the cost of choosing the customized cake is dependent on the cake, the flavors, and the add-ons you choose with the cake. So, by choosing a customized cake, you can request the best add-ons and flavorings based on your budget making it cost-effective and suitable for the event.

Have a customised cake in mind yet? We have a blogpost all about the process of customizing a cake with us, head over to the post to find out more about it!

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