Party Guide: 4 Must-Have Elements For A Dessert Table

Hello dreamers! Hope you guys are still coping well! We’re so excited to hear about the easing of the Circuit Breaker in Singapore...because this means we will soon get to set up your birthday parties and celebrations! We seriously can’t wait to be creating magic for you guys again! The last time, we talked about Choosing A Colour Palette for your party. Today, we’ll be covering on the basics of having a Dessert Table.

A Dessert Table is a collection of exquisite sweet treats arranged in an elegant and artful display for people to select and try them. It is a common practice to have a dessert table in parties and celebrations with a large group of guests, typically around 20 and above. If you want your dessert table to stand out, here are 4 elements we believe are a definite MUST-HAVE on a dessert table in Singapore! 

Theme & Color

Always start creating a dessert table with a theme in mind. Without a theme in mind, a dessert table might come across as cluttered and uncoordinated. Usually, every cookie, cupcake, and other delicacies on a dessert table would have colours similar to the main theme! Click here for our 5 step guide to choosing a theme and color for your party! 

Dessert Table Styling -Zeeandelle

Baby Shower Dessert Table 


What is a Dessert Table without desserts?! There is a huge variety of desserts to choose from. Here at Zee & Elle: we have cupcakes, brownies, donuts, tarts, macarons and our latest cheesecake bites! Think of these desserts as finger-food for your party. Ultimately, you don’t want these desserts to look “too heavy” for your guests especially after having their dinner. Tarts, cupcakes and macarons are a common pick because not only do they look good on a dessert table, but they are also small and easy to eat for your guests! Click here for our bundles created based on your guest size!

Mini New York Cheesecake Bites

Table Layout

The next step is the layout. Imagine how all the pieces will be arranged. It’s always good to play around with levels! When we decorate our client’s dessert tables, we are always using a variety of  crates and stands to add height to the layout. These details make the layout more balanced, bringing attention to the eyes of your guests! A simple trick is segmenting your table into different parts and making sure each part has eye-catching details on its own. Meanwhile, a birthday cake would usually be placed in the center, especially if you have customized your cake and want it to be the centre of attention :-)

Korean Set Up Dessert Table -zeeandelle

Close up of Korean-themed Dessert Table


When choosing your party venue, do take note of your surroundings. We tend to place a dessert table against a plain wall and not against any sunlight as your photos might get washed out! Alternatively, you may choose to use a backdrop stand with a clipped on cloth as a backdrop for any photo-taking. Thankfully, our Dessert Tables packages also includes a white tulle backdrop cloth with a backdrop stand, so you guys don't have to worry too much about it!

Dessert Table Backdrop -Zeeandelle

Dessert Table Package and Styling

Dessert tables may be difficult to planout and may  require a lot of dedication and attention to the simplest details. However, having a dessert table in any celebration or event makes it so much better! When you decide to include a dessert table in an event, start to think about it from the early stages. Click here to view more inspirations from our Dessert Table Gallery. We hope this helped you a little in planning your very own dessert table in your parties! If you wish for us to cover any other topics, do leave us a comment on our facebook

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