Party Guide: Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

Dessert Table are a great addition to any parties, whether it is a birthday party or a wedding, everybody loves them. However, while creating a dessert table, there are a few factors one must consider to make the event successful. 

Tropical Theme Dessert Table

Tropical Themed Dessert Table

Variety is the Key

The most crucial element of a dessert table is to provide a large variety of treats and sweets. Decorating it with desserts and sweets is paramount for any event. Ensure that you provide scoops, tongs, and baggies for loose candy. And for more bite-sized sweets, provide mini-forks. 


When you are setting up a dessert table for any event, choose a suitable style for the theme of your choice. Being the centrepiece of any event, the advantage of having a dessert table is that it sets the atmosphere for the event. For example, if the event is classical or traditional, you can put barrels, ladders, beverage carts or wooden tables as a stand for the dessert table. If it is a modern event or a birthday party, you can use modern silverware, wine glasses, and modern tables. Choosing the best items for the dessert table suitable for the theme of the event is therefore critical. 

Table Decoration

Decoration is one of the key aspects of any dessert table. Thus, use coloured cloth that matches the theme, candles, sweet dishes, cake, and even some toys (for kids parties) to enhance the aesthetic. As each type of event theme has its own unique decorations, it is thus important to understand the theme thoroughly before setting up the dessert table.


Another way to enhance the aesthetic is to accessorize the dessert table with a nice backdrop, banners, garlands, frames, or large mirrors. Balloons also make a good accessory around the dessert table.

Naming The Dishes

It is a good idea to name the dishes on a paper slip to let the guests know the type of treats they are having. You can also get creative with the color and type of fonts while you name the dishes. However, remember to make the naming simple and readable. 

On the whole, dessert table are a great addition to any event and we hope these tips are helpful as you plan for your upcoming celebration!

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