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Elmo x Dino Garden Cake

Elmo x Dino Garden Cake

Stuffed toys don't have to just belong on your bed. This Garden Cake is topped with both Elmo and Dino! This adorable two-tier masterpiece is surrounded with wooden fences, bees and daisies. Topped with Elmo fondant blowing out a candle and a stuffed-dino fondant, this piece is the one for you or your little ones. 

Sizing Guide:

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  • Cake contains fondant/sugar decorations. Please refer to this link here on how to care for your cakes with with fondant/sugar decorations.
  • Florals, foliage, fruits, and toy figurines are based on availability and seasonality and may be changed to other types as similar as possible.

  • Do note that this is a front facing image of the cake. The decor/design only goes around the front half of the cake.

    Collection/ Delivery:

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    Cake Care:

    • Kindly refer to here for Cake Care Instructions to safely care for your cake and consume it at its optimal condition.