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Textured Watermelon Pineapple Cake


Textured Watermelon Pineapple Cake 

Taking another spin on our watermelon pineapple cake, this one is intricately hand piped, layer by layer to give this fun loving piece a little more textures! Perfect for your Trutti Frutti or Tropical themed parties!

Sizing Guide:

  • Click here for sizing guide.


  • Cake contains fondant/sugar decorations. Please refer to this link here on how to care for your cakes with fondant. 
  • Do note that this is a front facing image of the cake. The decor/design goes around the whole cake.

    Collection/ Delivery:

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    Cake Care:

    • Kindly refer to here for Cake Care Instructions to safely care for your cake and consume it at its optimal condition.