• Winter Blue Cake

Winter Blue Cake


Winter Blue Cake

Covered in dark blue buttercream with white drip and beautifully marbled chocolate pieces and macarons. This cake is finished off gold splatter and gold bits and will add a gorgeous finishing piece to your dream party!

Sizing Guide:

  • Click here for sizing guide.


    • Do kindly note that this cake uses a dark coloured frosting and might leave some stains on teeth and skin. Please rest assured that the food colouring used is food grade safe, and we are looking into other alternatives. If this is a concern for you, we would recommend opting for other cake designs if possible.
    • Do note that this is a front facing image of the cake. The decor/design only goes around the front half of the cake.

        Collection/ Delivery:

        • For cake pickup and delivery details, please click here.

                Cake Care:

                • Kindly refer to here for Cake Care Instructions to safely care for your cake and consume it at its optimal condition.